iPhones Can't Take Time Change

The glitched caused big problem in Australia and Europe as well.

iPhone users should set a second alarm through this morning, just in case.

Cupertino-based Apple is admitting the end of daylight savings could be trouble for customers. It's a software glitch that Apple says can't be fixed until later this month.

Apple's standard alarms set on both iPhones and some iPod touches may not work.  Your i-product will show the time change, but a bug in the alarm app will cause it to ignore the change.  In other words, the clock will be right, but the alarm won't.

Specifically, Apple is saying folks who use the mobile operating system iOS 4.1 should be ready for things not to work. 

The fix?  Apple says turn off the repeating alarms and set them manually until Nov. 8.  Once we hit that date, Apple says it will be safe to reset them.  Either way, it looks like you are going to have to start from scratch when it comes to alarms.

Below is a video walk through on how to fix your phone.

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