Rhea Mahbubani

Is Apple Gearing Up to Make a Foldable Phone?

A newly issued patent provides a clue about the direction of Apple’s future iPhone: It might fold.

But not in a bad way.

The phone could have an interior flexible enough to fold, giving the user twice the screen, without doubling the size, according to the patent.

Now, admittedly, this is all speculative.

There is an entire website devoted to Apple's patents — it’s called Patently Apple and it's fun to sift through — most of which have not seen the light of day.

But foldable technology is coming. We’ve seen almost foldable phones, a foldable TV on Kickstarter, and of course VR goggles, which at least look foldable.

“You have no limitation anymore,” analyst Carolina Milanesi of Creative Strategies said about foldable mobile devices. “You’re immersed in the experience.”

An experience set to change very soon.

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