Is Facebook Rolling Out a Major Update?

Changes in Facebook's advertising could mean a major update is on its way for the social network as it concentrates on more socially-relevant ads and virtual currency, according to recent reports.

Facebook has created improvements in its social advertising analytics, including the number of social interactions from an ad and statistics on ad reach and frequency. The new measuring system shows that Facebook is obviously moving to more social advertisements, Inside Facebook reported.

While it the changes could be as simple as incorporating Facebook's new "Sponsored Stories," or narrative-driven ads, there's more to the story. Facebook is also working on a new scheme that awards Facebook credits for users watching online ads. "Video providers Sharethrough, EpicSocial, SocialVibe, and SupersonicAds will be the first companies to have their videos shown in Facebook’s sidebars as well as games via DealSpot," wrote Inside Facebook. New Facebook Deals, which debuted last week, is also working with the socially-driven ideas and may also use Facebook credits.

If the new reports are to be believed, Facebook will have to retool or update to accommodate more ads in status updates or news feeds and becoming a site with its own virtual economy. 

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