Is Facebook Taking Aim at Google?

The Facebook announcement is out and it's all about search

Who likes "Star Wars?"

Do my friends like Mexican food?

A lot?

We can now find more about our friends, by searching for things on Facebook. As many expected, Facebook is rolling out a new search tool.

Called "Graph Search," it even comes with a Silicon Valley nerdy title.

And what it does is fill a gap for Facebook users. Read Facebook press release here.

Now, you can find -specifically- what you're looking for on Facebook, kind of like how you search on Google.

What's interesting about Graph Search, though, is that "you're not searching the web," according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, you're searching your friends.

Read more about Zuckerberg's announcement here

It's a shot across the bow at Google, for sure (not enough to scare investors, though - Google shares moved a bit higher as the news was announced). But, and this is a good thing, it is a search that's more specific to what you do on Facebook. In fact, Zuckerberg even announced FB would be partnering with Micorsoft's Bing in its new beta roll out on Tuesday.

This is likely to be seen as good news not only for FB users, but also for advertisers, who can now track more specific information about what you what when you're on Facebook.

Below is Facebook's video release:

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