Is Google TV Dead?

After Logitech only made a fraction of what it was expecting on its Revue with Google TV set-top, does this mean Google TV is dead in the water?

Thursday's earnings for Logitech said the company made around $5 million in sales, less than a third of its projected $18 million. The company is also scaling back on the set-top, according to GigaOm.

However, Google is not admitting defeat. "It's early days for Google TV and for Internet-connected TVs in general," a Google spokesman said in a statement to CNET. "At Google, we launch products early and iterate quickly based on consumer feedback. Our engineers are doing just that, and they're developing the next version of Google TV, which will, for example, include Android Market. This will enable the applications from thousands of developers to come to Google TV."

Critics say that Google TV is underpowered and poor talks led to it being blocked from using network Web content. If that's the case, then Google's engineers should work on better hardware and its marketing team need to forge better relationships with cable and network channels. Otherwise Google TV may be lost forever.

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