Sunnyvale PD: Is This Your Stolen Stuff?

Sunnyvale police lay out dozens of stolen items for you to claim

Sunnyvale police have arrested three men who they say stole dozens of items from peoples' homes over the last six months and on Thursday displayed the items in an effort to reunite victims with their property.

Officers laid out a group of flat-screen TVs, laptops and other items, in the hopes that people come to Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety to claim their stolen possessions.

Capt. Doug Moretto of the department said, in all, the items were worth more than $20,000.

Police said they were still trying to calculate exactly how many items had allegedly been stolen by Luis Omar Osuna Flores, 31, Marcos Gragoso Martinez, 32, and Ricardo Ramirez, 32.

Moretto said officers did not have any information as to whether the men had any immigration issues.

Investigators said they have been going back through recent residential burglary cases to sere if these men may have been involved.

Officers said they first noticed an up tick in residential burglaries in the months of November and December.

On Jan 6, victims interrupted a residential burglary and the suspect was seen running away from the scene. A man matching the description of that burglar was later caught and arrested in Sunnyvale, Moretto said. His capture led to the arrest of the other two men and the recovery of the items.

Officers said anyone who has been burglarized in recent months should go to the Sunnyvale Police Department to report what happened, and whether any of their property had been stolen.

The men are being housed at the Santa Clara County Main Jail. Moretto said the men were working together and seemed to have experience in their recent illegal activity.

The men could get time in state prison if they are convicted of felony charges associated with the burglaries, Moretto said.

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