ISteve Is Already a Best Seller

The life of Steve Jobs is a lot like his products.

Just how obsessed are Apple fans with the life and times of the notoriously private Jobs? So much so that people are getting in virtual lines to get a piece of it.

The first authorized biography of the Apple CEO isn't scheduled to come out until next March but it is already a best seller on one of Jobs' rivals,

Feel free to pre-write a book but don't you dare pre-write an obituary about Jobs.

"iSteve: The Book of Jobs" hit the top 15 among Amazon's best-selling books list on Sunday. The book is also the No. 1 seller in three different categories.

The 448-page book is technically not even done yet. Its author, Walter Isaacson, has been writing and researching it since 2009.

It includes interviews with Jobs, his family and his friends and promises to examine both his professional and private life.

It is available for pre-order for $16.50 as a hardcover book and $14.99 for a digital Kindle version.

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