It Took $2 Million From the Village to Save Their Teachers

Parents, community organize to save teachers

A group of hardworking parents on a mission to save the teachers at their kids' schools has reached a major milestone.

When they realized the dire situation budget cuts have left their schools in, parents in the Cupertino Union School District took matters into their own hands and organized the group Their Future Is Now (TFIN), aimed at raising money help boost the school's bottom line and save teachers' jobs.

It only took about a month for the group to raise $1 million and on Friday -- less than a month later, they presented a $2 million check to the district. Families and businesses in the community stepped up to the plate to help the effort. The money secures the jobs of 107 kindergarten through eighth grade teachers who were scheduled to get pink slip and will ensure a 20:1 student-teacher ratio. Their overall goal is $3 million.

TFIN shared the development news via news release:

This is an exciting victory shared by all members of our community! Together, we turned a seemingly insurmountable problem into a rally cry.  We succeeded not because we are a "wealthy" community, for every affluent household, there is also a household living paycheck to paycheck, there is also a household with an unemployed parent.  We succeeded because we all share a staunch belief in the importance of education, and a refusal to allow incompetence in Sacramento to devastate our children's future.  We resolutely demonstrated we are all empowered individuals, each able to play a part in protecting our children's education.

Cupertino Union has a national reputation for excellent schools and many families moved to the area so their kids could be in the district.

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