‘It Warms My Heart:' Woman Finds Mickey Mouse Treasures in the Remains of Her Coffey Park Home

In ordinary times, the sight of Mickey Mouse would not evoke an emotional response, but these are not ordinary times. Especially for Kelly Schulken, who found Mickey to be a serious morale booster after losing her home in Coffey Park to the treacherous wildfires.

“It warms my heart,” said Schulken. “I love Mickey Mouse; he’s been my hero since I was eight years old.”

Schulken and her husband were in Arizona at the time of the fire, receiving updates from their home alarm system. By 7 a.m. they realized their house had been lost to fire.

Now, as they search through the remains of where their home once stood, finding pieces of their beloved Mickey Mouse is a reminder of the treasures in their life.

“So I’m 58 now, and any part of that collection I can still have I want,” said Schulken. “They found a few pieces that I’ll be able to salvage.”

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