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The diamond in the rough for San Jose vintage shoppers

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Corinne Phipps - Urban Darling

In a random little strip mall just outside of Willow Glen (a burb in San Jose) you will find a little store that is really a diamond in the rough.

That hidden gem is It's a Girl Thing, a 100 percent consignment shop for fine jewelry and accessories - shoes and purses too. It is the only exclusive consignment jewelry shop in the South Bay and has become quite the hot spot in its two plus years it's been around. It's a Girl Thing is for lovers of vintage, those who long for one-of-a-kind pieces that tell their own history. Consignment shops have a way of uniquely fulfilling the needs of a shopper and this one is the cat's meow.

It's a Girl Thing is a vintage collectors dream-come-true. From lucite pill box purses to good condition Louis Vuitton and Chanel handbags and even a small collection of ex-boyfriend Tiffany's jewelry, the selection does not disappoint. Even more importantly, pricing is very fair. Clients are loyal and surely appreciate the even-steven 50/50 split. Check out her five-star reviews on Yelp if you don't believe me.

Owner Cindy Sanders is a former high-tech worker who traded in her geek for chic.

"I wanted a change. I was going to either open up a dog boutique or an accessories boutique. Accessories won out because it was more fun [for me]."

Cindy is also the Founder of I Heart Boutiques, a VIP Passport program sponsored by a team of women-owned boutiques located in the Bay Area. The I Heart Boutiques passport offers its members a savings and first access to special sales and promotions (contact: them at info[at]

An insider trend-spotting tip: Cindy tells me that since Michelle Obama has been wearing brooches (and let's not forget the women of "Mad Men") she has seen a big boom in their popularity. Cindy's selection of brooches have been flying out the door for weddings and special occasions. But you didn't hear it from me.

Another popular trend available at It's a Girl Thing is 1980s retro pieces, those authentic neon wears from the new wave era. By far, Cindy's most popular pieces are pearls and diamonds. These timeless pieces are very well made and the collection of costume jewelry is something to be desired.

Visit It's a Girl Thing for all your vintage needs!
860 Willow St. # 400 in San Jose, 408-287-7288

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