Alameda County

‘It’s All Gone’: Stereo, Drone, Computers, Hard Drives Stolen From Alameda County Firefighter’s Car

Firefighters are usually the ones people turn to for help, but on Friday, the Alameda County Fire Department turned to the public for aid.

Someone stole expensive a stereo, computers, a drone and hard drives from a firefighter’s car on Monday.

Brian Centoni loaded bags of equipment into his truck after training and headed home. On the way, he stopped at a Safeway on Castro Valley Road around 4 p.m.

When he got back to his vehicle, he found his lock broken. His car stereo, computers, a drone and several hard drives were missing.

The equipment can be replaced, but the content on the hard drives – training videos that take firefighters days to create and information about the fire department's history – cannot.

“It’s all gone,” Centoni lamented. “A lot you can’t replace. [It’s] heartbreaking.”

Centoni said he draped his uniform over a drone in the car. The thief didn’t steal the uniform, so Centoni is glad he still has his badge.

Now he is hoping someone might see the Local 55 sticker on the equipment and turn it in. The department says the valuables can be returned, no questions asked.

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