iTunes Coming to a Grocery Aisle Near You

Sometimes Apple just out does itself. Every so often the Silicon Valley trendsetters come up with an idea that leaves us scratching our heads thinking, "Really? Do we need that?"

Of course now we all know we need an iPod and an iPhone. Several of us even need a Macbook. Now when we are on the road and just can't get on a WiFi network, Apple has come up with a way to reload your favorite overpriced tech product with music, movies and more.

Our friends at Appleinsider got their hands on a 19-page patent filing by Apple where the company wants to create media distribution iTunes kiosks machines to serve its customers.

"The continuous engagement and disengagement of the media device connector may result in excessive wear and failure of the connector," Apple wrote in the filing, according to Engadget. "Also, because certain media distribution systems may be located in public places, a connector of the media distribution system may be exposed to tampering by users or excessive exposure to environmental conditions."

The kiosk machines would create "a virtual physical connection" with your iPhone, for example. The machine then could load up your machine with popular media preloaded on the kiosk machine.

The early filings, according to our friends, show that Apple would require users to log on to the kiosk machines using their iTunes log in and password. Pretty convenient if you were stuck at an airport without WiFi and wanted to load up with movies or music.

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