Jack Daniels and Jim Beam Together Again

A partially blind cat that was kidnapped from the San Francisco SPCA last July got a happy welcome home at SFO Tuesday after a mysterious trip to the Big Apple.

When the kitten, named Jack Daniels, was stolen a year ago it made headlines in part because of his name and the fact that his brother, named Jim Beam, was not taken.  The good people at Maddie's Adoption Center put out a cry for help.

That help came a little more than a year later.  A couple of weeks ago animal care in Manhattan found a well fed, well cared for cat wandering the streets of New York City.

A microchip identified him as the missing kitty from the City.

JetBlue Airlines stepped in and allowed Jack Daniels to catch a ride back to the Bay Area.

San Francisco SPCA officials say he was just a three month old kitten when he was abducted from their adoption center.  He's since nearly tripled in size.

They have no idea who took him or how he got to New York.

Next up for Jack is quick post cross-country physical and then he will be put up once again for adoption.  His brother Jim has spent the last year with his new family.  There is no official reunion planned, although the brothers are once again in the same area code.

Jack is visually impaired. SPCA officials say the cat has scarred corneas that make its vision blurry.

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