Jack Dorsey Returning to Twitter as CEO?

Hey everybody! It's time to play "Who Wants to be Twitter's Next CEO?"

Back in 2006 when Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey and his pals, they split from Odeo. In 2007, Jack was the company's first CEO. Later, the then chairman, Evan Williams took over the CEO roll for himself, in 2008.

After that, Williams stepped down, handing over the job to Dick Costolo, who was the COO at the time.

Williams, Dorsey, and another co-founder, Biz Stone are rarely even in the office these days, but the Business Insider is reporting that the company is in talks with Dorsey to bring him back full-time, possibly as CEO (again).

It's also possible, and more likely, Dorsey will be taking on a position much closer to something like a chief product officer, working on supervising day-to-day product development.

Dorsey has been spending most of his time these days working on his Square project, which lets anyone with a mobile device, accept credit card payments with the help of a small attachment.

If Dorsey returns to Twitter full-time, someone else would have to take over his CEO role at Square, possible COO Keith Rabois.

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