James Franco Plays Palo Alto Startup Entrepreneur in “Why Him?”

Palo Alto native James Franco stars as an eccentric startup hipster from his hometown in the forthcoming comedy "Why Him?"

The feature film co-stars Zoey Deutch, who plays Franco's straight-laced, Stanford-attending girlfriend, and Bryan Cranston as her father, who clashes with the freewheeling shirtlessness of Franco's off-the-rails character.

Franco graduated from Palo Alto High School in 1996 and returned to his alma mater 20 years later to lead a film workshop.

In 2013, Franco starred in "Palo Alto," a film about a high school teacher's inappropriate relationship with a student. It was based on "Palo Alto Stories," a short book he wrote.

"Why Him?" opens in theaters nationwide on Dec. 25.

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