Woman With Prosthetic Leg Sues Starbucks

Claims clerks wouldn't let her use restroom to fix leg

Starbucks is getting serious about their rule that says people can't use the restroom unless they buy something, and now they've found themselves in hot water because of it.

A Central Valley woman is suing the coffee shop company after a clerk denied her bathroom priviledges to fix her prosthetic leg, because she had not purchased something first.

The Snitch reports Janet Marx has filed a complaint against an El Dorado Avenue Starbucks, stating that when she went to use the restroom to repair a loose screw on her prosthetic leg, she was chased down by a barista who stopped her from entering the facility. 

The claim states, "The clerk also said I can't be nice to anyone unless they purchase an item. Plaintiff turned and looked at another clerk who knew that plaintiff was disabled and told him she does not understand. The male clerk indicated there was nothing he could do."

During the whole incident, Marx stood holding the leg up to prevent it from dropping. 

Marx also said she saw other patrons using the bathroom first without making a purchase.

Marx is seeking statutory damages for disability discrimination, costs, and attorneys fees.

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