Jerry Brown Flies Coach With the People

Wanna get away?

So does Gov. Jerry Brown. The leader of the state with a $26 billion budget deficit is trying to cut costs whever he can.

If he's not busy cutting state employees' cell phones, he's busy slashing the tires on California-owned cars.

Now the governor is going out of his way to show just how frugal he is. On his way to an event in Southern California Thursday, Brown saved some cash by traveling on Southwest flight 896, according to the Chronicle's ace reporter Carla Marinucci.

Brown traveled alone, without any aides or security and he appeared to be in a good mood as he spoke with fly attendants and fellow passengers. He said he doesn't have a private plane but that hasn't stopped him before.

His reason for traveling coach: "The people of California are good company,'' he told the paper.

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