Jerry Tries to Tie Meg to Arnold in New Ad

Jerry Brown

Republican candidate for governor Meg Whitman has been blanketing the television airwaves with ads for months as she spends her personal wealth on her campaign.

Now her opponent Jerry Brown is getting in on the ad buy as we come to the finish line of the campaign which is just two weeks away.

Brown's television message of the day Tuesday was attempt to tie Whitman to the very unpopular Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.  It shows  Whitman making the same type of claims about her business experience, independence and leadership style as Schwarzenegger did when he was running for governor.

Having seen the ad for herself, Whitman had an answer to it during an appearance in Oakland Tuesday.  She said some of the comparisons were true, but only to a point.  She quickly added that Schwarzenegger "missed a lot of key things" because he was primarily an actor and investor.

There is no love lost between Schwarzenegger and Whitman.  Although he is a Republican, he has not endorsed Whitman. Whitman has been critical of his handling of the budget in most campaign stump speeches.

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