Man Flies Jetpack Around Statue of Liberty

A man whose lifelong dream is to become a real-life version of the superhero Iron Man soared over New York Harbor in a jetpack last week.

Video posted to YouTube shows Australian entrepreneur David Mayman zooming over the Hudson River and around the Statue of Liberty on Nov. 3. The footage shows the entrepreneur gliding through the sky on a clear and crisp New York City morning before landing back on dry land.

"It was an incredible experience, one I have been dreaming of since I was a young boy," Mayman said in a statement. "We have just proved that personal flight is a reality, it's here, and we will stay at the forefront of this."

He said the flight is the culmination of a 10-year challenge to design and build a jetpack. The device shown on the YouTube video is small enough to fit in a car but can soar thousands of feet in the air.

The footage of the flight has been viewed more than a million times. 

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