JJ Abrams Filming Star Trek Sequel in Livermore

Lawrence Livermore Lab will be the back drop for some scenes for the sci-fi thriller.

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Calling all Trekkies: the latest edition of the popular science fiction series is being filmed at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory.

Director J.J. Abrams' second edition of the "Star Trek" movies is filming scenes at the government-funded lab in Livermore this week, according to The Oakland Tribune.

But to the disappointment of Spock-lovers everywhere the filming is being done on a closed set on a highly secure government facility.

None of the scenes are being shot in the open but instead the scenes are being filmed in the lab's National Ignition Facility, which is home to the world's largest laser that produces thermonuclear ignition at temperatures and densities similar to those found on the sun.

The newspaper reports that several hotel rooms in the Livermore area have been taken over by people working on the movie.

The sequel to the 2009 movie is expected to open in 2013.


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