Jobs Inspired Zuck's Infamous Business Cards

Mark Zuckerberg's famous tag line “I’m CEO, Bitch” was inspired by his tech role model Steve Jobs.

The young Facebook CEO famously had the line imprinted on his early business cards, as shown in "The Social Network."

Monday the man who designed the card told the International Business Times that he put the line on the cards because it went with the culture of Facebook at the time and because Zuckerberg tried to pattern his leadership style after that of the famous Apple CEO.

"It's no secret that [Zuckerberg] looked up to Steve Jobs at the time,” said Bryan Veloso, one of the Facebook’s early employees. "Quite simply, it was a phrase I typed in that stuck."

Veloso said he "felt comfortable" putting the line on the card. But as Facebook has grown, the line has been removed from Zuckerberg's newer business cards.

They now look more in line for one of the world's wealthiest billionaires and Time magazine's "person of the Year."

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