Jobs “Without a Doubt” the Most Valuable CEO

Some may say Apple is ready for life after Steve Jobs but don't tell that to Barron's Magazine.

The financial publication puts to rest just how important the Apple CEO still is to his company in its latest issue detailing the 30 best CEOs.

Not surprisingly, perhaps, Jobs lands on the top of Barron's list for the best CEO in the world. But beyond naming Jobs the best CEO still breathing, the magazine also goes a step further.

Barron's  says that “without a doubt” Jobs is the most valuable CEO to his company.

The claim is not based on Jobs monetary wealth because he tops a list filled with men who are way richer than the Apple CEO.

Instead Jobs gets Barron's not for his innovation and his ability to create hype behind a product. In particular Jobs is praised for his role in Apple selling over 100 million iPhones and millions of more iPads.

In both cases, Apple was able to take a product line that already existed in some form and define a market where a series of companies are constantly trying to surpass the Cupertino-based company's offerings.

The only other Bay Area notables on the list were Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison.

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