John Sculley Regrets Firing Steve Jobs

Ask John Sculley what his biggest mistake was and it's easy. Sculley is known as the man who fired Steve Jobs.

But he doesn't like to think of it that way.

The former Apple CEO was the man who beat out Jobs in a former board room battle for control of the company. Jobs resigned shortly after.

Now in a candid interview with Newswire, Sculley says he regrets not making things right with Jobs and convincing him to stay at the company.

"I wish Steve and I hadn't had a falling out," he said. "I wish I had gone back to Steve and said, 'This is your company, let's figure out how you can come back and be CEO.' I wish I had thought of that. But you can't change history."

Still Sculley says it was not his fault alone that Jobs walked away.

"To me, coming from corporate America, I was used to people being moved from job to job, because that's how it worked. Professional executives were reassigned, terminated, promoted all the time," he said. "That's not what you do with founders of companies."

Sculley says he has not spoken to Jobs since the two had a falling out.

"In the past I tried, and he never had any interest in re-engaging," Sculley said. "He clearly blames me."

Sculley left the company in 1993 and Jobs returned four years. The rest is history.

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