Journalist Is Only Person Charged In Oaksterdam University Raid

Federal raid on medical marijuana university nets one arrest.

One year after a federal raid on Oaksterdam University, exactly one person has been brought to justice.

Radio reporter for KPFA Jose Gutierrez faces eight years in prison for allegedly shoving a federal law enforcement agent during a raucous April 2, 2012 demonstration, according to SF Weekly.

He wasn't covering the raid for the station.

Gutierrez, now 50, was wearing a mask and holding a sign outside of Coffeeshop Blue Sky, a downtown Oakland medical marijuana dispensary connected to Oaksterdam University.

The school, dispensary, offices and apartment of founder Richard Lee -- who has since retired from running the school and from cannabis activism -- were raided by agents from the IRS and DEA. Lee was the main bankroller of Proposition 19, the marijuana legalization measure that failed at the ballot in November 2010.

No one from Oaksterdam has been arrested or charged with a crime, according to reports, though the school has shrunk in size.

Gutierrez, meanwhile, has been charged with assault. Witness accounts vary, but Gutierrez has been charged by a federal judge for allegedly shoving a federal agent. His associates say he was singled out by the feds on-scene, according to SF Weekly.

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