Kaepernick Joins Annual Indigenous People's Sunrise Event at Alcatraz Island

Colin Kaepernick made a surprise appearance at the annual Alcatraz Indigenous People’s Sunrise Gathering event on Thursday morning.

Kaepernick posted a video to his twitter as Fred Short, a spiritual leader of the American Indian movement, presented him with eagle feathers – one of the highest honors among Native American people. In a short speech, he said Kaepernick was being recognized for his efforts to highlight the inequality in America.

“I realize our fight is the same fight,” said Kaepernick. “We’re all fighting for our Justice, for our Freedom. And realizing that we’re all in this fight together makes us all more powerful.”

On Thanksgiving Day, Alcatraz Island is usually closed to visitors, but each year, Native American activists commemorate their occupation of the island in 1969.

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