Kamala Harris Is Slipping Further Behind

San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris' bid to become the state's top cop is looking more difficult everyday.

In her tight, and sometimes contentious, race with conservative Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley, Harris has fallen behind again.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Cooley has taken a 43,000 vote lead eight days after Harris held a slight lead lead on election night. Cooley was ahead by 26,455 votes on Monday.

While the race is still too close to be called, time is starting to run out on the once confident Harris. Her campaign received a personal boost from President Barack Obama before Election Tuesday. Harris' camp says it is still confident of victory and it will make a formal declaration once all the votes have been counted.

But while the two sides wait for a clear victor, things have not always remained civil between them. Friday a consultant to Harris' sent a message to the media explaining why the San Francisco district attorney would be the next attorney general. Cooley's campaign responded with a personal attack against the consultant.

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