Kangaroo Burgers Hop Into San Francisco

Tee Off Bar & Grill serves kangaroo burgers

Australians may soon be thanking San Franciscans for the City's latest culinary fade.

The continent nation has a kangaroo problem and Sydney's sister city has a solution: eat the hopping marsupials.

The Tee Off Bar & Grill in the City's Richmond district is serving kangaroo burgers on the weekend. The chef behind the meal has a history of cooking interesting animals. He has been known to cook an ostrich or two.

And like ostrich, kangaroo meat tastes similar to beef. Our friends at UrbanDaddy have sunk their teeth into a tasty kangaroo burger and described the experience as:

The juicy meat tastes somewhat like beef, but slightly sweeter, with a subtle tanginess, and it's lean like venison.

The burger is served with homemade potato chips and topped with a kiwi relish. But Tee Off is considering topping the burger in the traditional down under way with sliced beets and a fried egg. Because a ground up national icon in your plate wasn't Aussie enough.


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