Kayaker Heads To Hawaii, Rescued Near Bodega Bay

A kayaker was rescued by the Coast Guard while trying to paddle to Hawaii.

A kayaker's Christmas plans: to paddle from Bodega Bay to Hawaii. His Christmas miracle: His rescue by the Coast Guard, 15 nautical miles into his trip.

The rescue crew of the Bodega Bay Coast Guard was dispatched out on Christmas night, where the ambitious navigator of the 21-foot kayak was "taking on water" near Salmon Creek Beach on the North Coast, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat reported.

The kayaker left from Bodega Bay, presumably on Christmas, but took on water by 6:45 p.m., when the Coast Guard was dispatched to rescue him. He was first spotted by helicopter before a motor lifeboat rescued him.

He was unharmed, and "has no medical issues," a Coast Guard spokesman said. Aside from preferring the open ocean to an airline trip, that is.

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