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Keanu Reeves Eating Ice Cream in Alameda?

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Keanu Reeves, sitting alone under the setting sun, enjoying an ice cream cone.

It sounds like a scene you might see on the big screen, but it looks like it happened in real life. The famous actor was apparently spotted Monday afternoon outside a Baskin-Robbins in Alameda savoring a sweet treat.

Jose De Leon and Yahoska Martinez were hanging out in the parking lot when they happened to capture a glimpse of a man they thought looked just like Reeves.

Martinez said she went up to him, apologized for interrupting and then asked for a picture together.

"He was super chill about it," Martinez said.

The two posed for a quick snapshot, much to the delight of Martinez, who was quick to compliment the gracious guy.

"He was really humble," Martinez said. "Super chill dude."

As for what flavor he was enjoying, Martinez guessed vanilla.

Reeves is famous for playing "Neo" in the "Matrix" series, which is set for a fourth installment. According to SF Gate, filming for the new movie could take place in San Francisco.

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