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Parents Suing Over California School Closures Speak Out

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Parents who are suing Gov. Gavin Newsom over COVID-19 safety restrictions that are keeping most students out of classrooms shared their concerns Thursday.

The parents said the restrictions may not work for their children, and their attorney said what the state has imposed is one size fits all.

"I joined this lawsuit to let everybody know that special needs families are really being devastated," parent Christine Ruiz said. "We're impacted so profoundly."

Ruiz joined three other parents, who are also paintiffs, in speaking out.

"My daughter, socially, emotionally, has struggled," parent Matthew Brach said. "My son, through the lack of interaction with his peers and through teachers, has become more withdrawn and detached from school."

The Center for American Liberty headed by attorney Harmeet Dhillon is representing the group of parents.

"What we’re seeking in the lawsuit is that the governor get out of the way and let local parents, local school boards and small schools make these decisions themselves to open safely," Dhillon said.

Dhillon said a range of political backgrounds are represented.

Teresa Arriaga with Parents for Public Schools of San Francisco said while distance learning may not be ideal, most in the city believe it's the safest way at the moment.

"Families that have the resources, meaning they may have someone at home with a flexible schedule and are able to hire help, are getting that outside help to support their kids," she said. "For working families without the extra resources, it really is pretty challenging."

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