Kentucky Man Goes Cross-Country In Tesla Model S

It is possible to go west -- all the way west -- in a Tesla Model S.

There's nothing like a free ride across the country.

$0 is the gas bill for John Glenney, a retired biochemistry professor from Lexington, Ken., who just finished a coast-to-coast trip in a Tesla Model S.

Glenney left New York on Jan. 20 and arrived in Los Angeles this past weekend, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

He then continued north to the Tesla plant in Fremont -- where he received a hero's welcome.

He drove in one of the four Model S cars he owns from supercharger station to supercharger station, using 28 of the 71 charging stations across the United States for his journey, the newspaper reported.

Only once did he worry: on a 200-mile jaunt from Newark, Dela. to Somerset, Penn. -- when he was 11 miles away from calling for a tow.

Tesla employees are scheduled to set out on a similar jaunt this week, with company CEO Elon Musk to do the same this spring.

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