Key Question in Bike Rampage Still a Mystery

We now have a name to go with the man suspected of mowing down four bicyclists in San Francisco last week.

David Mark Clark, 39 of Albany, sits at the San Francisco County Jail on four counts each of attempted murder, aggravated assault and hit-and-run resulting in injury.

The thing that still remains a mystery four days after the attacks is the motive.  Police are not saying what they think motivated Clark to purposely mow down people on bikes.

The break in the case came Friday when San Francisco police, along with their Albany counterparts arrested Clark after he came to the Albany police department to report his car had been stolen. 

Police Chief George Gascon held a news conference just hours after the arrest.  "We have significant evidence to believe that this individual's  the suspect," Gascon said.

Four male cyclists were struck in a matter of six minutes Wednesday evening around 9:45 p.m. in the city's Mission and Potrero Hill districts.  Three of the bikers remain hospitalized Friday.  The fourth man was not seriously hurt.

Witnesses say the driver of a blue Nissan Rogue purposely targeted people on bikes.

"He changed lanes in traffic, he went on the wrong side of the street," Lt. Lyn Tomioka. "Witnesses said he was driving to try and hit the  bicyclists."

The driver fled the scene after crashing his car into a light pole and a parked car.

Police said they went to the Berkeley and Albany homes of the owner of the Rogue in the hours after the incident and found that no one was there.   They said the Albany police department continued to help them monitor the suspect.

Investigators said the suspect went to the Albany police department Friday and reported he had been carjacked in San Francisco earlier this week.   The following interview with Albany police ended with the man's arrest for the San Francisco crimes.

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