‘Kill Cops, Not Trees' Graffiti Sprayed in Santa Cruz

Anti-police graffiti spelling out "Kill Cops, Not Trees" has been springing up around Santa Cruz, the Santa Cruz Sentinel reported.

Roughly one dozen paintings, which were created using green paint and a stencil, have been found across the city, according to Councilmember Richelle Noroyan.

"A threat to our community's police officers or any city staff person is an attack on all the residents in our city," Noroyan said on Facebook. "This will not be tolerated."

Although the threat comes at a time when the country sits on edge after the fatal attacks against law enforcement in Dallas and Baton Rouge, police officials in Santa Cruz said that the graffiti does not present a credible threat at this time, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Acting out in response to the hateful graffiti, Santa Cruz community member Andrew Lenz created a "Love Cops and Trees" stencil, urging residents to hang the art around the city. Plans are also in place to print the stencil on shirts, according to Take Back Santa Cruz.

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