Kincade Fire Victims Left Without a Home Celebrate Thanksgiving

Last month’s devastating Kincade Fire left nearly 200 families without a home this Thanksgiving. The 77,000-acre fire forced hundreds to evacuate, many who didn’t realize they wouldn’t have a house to go back to.

Families have been staying at a hotel for the past five weeks, thanks to the help of local non-profit Corazon Healdsburg. On Thursday, they returned to their Geyserville house, saying they have a lot to be grateful for even though their future is uncertain.

"My mom would have been in the house cooking Thanksgiving for us with my grandma’s old recipes," said Ramona Hall, whose family home was destroyed in the fire.

Instead of enjoying grandma’s recipes, Hall managed to salvage a few treasures from her family’s past. Her 10-year-old daughter spent nearly her life there and seeing the home she grew up in destroyed, wasn’t easy.

"It’s been kind of hard because I have a lot of memories here," said Hall’s daughter. "It hurts to know all my stuff is gone."

The family may have lost their house, but they say they have so much to be thankful for. The community have rallied behind them and even without insurance, they know they’ll recover.

"As long as we got out safe we’re just grateful to be together for this holiday and the holidays that are going to be continuing," said Hall.

Along with four other families, the Halls have been housed in the hotel. They said Corazon Healdsburg is trying to place them in homes, but they need all the support they can get.

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