King Tides May Alter Development Plans at South San Francisco's Oyster Point

Flooding caused by King Tides could put a multi-million dollar development on the Peninsula in jeopardy.

South San Francisco leaders have discussed plans to someday develop on top of what was a landfill in the city's Oyster Point. But some said the flooding that usually comes during King Tides needs to be adressed first due to possible contamination.

"Having this amount of water collect is not a good thing," said Keith Roberson, Regional Water Quality Control board member. "The water causes infiltration beneath us, causing the liche to go out into the Bay."

South San Francisco city leaders said contamination from the landfill into the Bay is not a problem.

"We're not seeing any evidence of that in the testing," said Brian McMinn, City of South San Francisco. "There are perimeter walls to monitor water quality from the landfills and we're not seeing anything to indicate the leche as getting outside of the landfill."

Some are also concerned about contamination from the landfill into the Bay.

The regional water board was among those visiting the site on Wednesday, along with an engineer who weighed in.

"The logical solution would be some kind of levy so we don't have an inundation problem," engineer Vic Pal said.

The regional water board said it is a violation to have standing water on top of a landfill. It wants the city to come up with a short and long-term plan for the site.

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