San Jose

Love at First Taste? Bay Area Woman Redefines the Churro

Jade Luong was browsing at a Bay Area flea market when she stumbled across a churro for the first time in her life.

Love at first taste? Perhaps.

But what happened after biting into that sweet, fried treat led Luong on a course that eventually paved way to San Jose's latest trending business: Krazy Churros.

“In Vietnam, there is no churro,” Luong said. “When I went to the flea market, I ate the churro and I really liked it and thought I need to do something for the family, I need to do something different.”

After a year of working to perfect her new-found craft, Luong was ready to share her specialty.

The shop on East Capitol Expressway in East San Jose is known for taking a churro and pairing it with ice cream and toppings (think sprinkles, cereal or anything else 'krazy.')

And yes, the churros are definitely IG-worthy. See for yourself here.

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