Lack of Rain Increase Drought Worries in South Bay

Every inch of water South Bay ducks use for swimming, is gallons and gallons lost in the Lexington Reservoir.

But even with a still manageable supply across most of the Bay Area, some of our neighbors are already running dry.

Bob Ebert, who owns a pumping business which services wells, worries what an ongoing forecast without rain will mean for homeowners.

He says he usually starts getting calls in May and June, but this year he started hearing the phone ring in March.

"A lot of my customers are trying to make it through this year and hoping that we have a good year, but eventually they'll have to bite the bullet and drill a well. And that's a $30,000 investment," Ebert said.

Over at San Jose State's meteorology department, there's not exactly hope in the forecast.

“We are currently the driest period of time on history for the whole state of California," Dr. Alison Bridger said.

Bridger and her students have an ongoing competition to predict the next significant rainfall and, so far, everyone is losing.

"Eventually it will rain again, but I think we should be doing things now to stretch our water supplies as much as we can," Bridger said.

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