Laguna Honda Hospital’s Artul Healing

The replacement to the old Laguna Honda Hospital will open in late June. The new state-of-the-art facility has a striking collection of public art for us to look at.

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Old Laguna Honda hospital on Twin Peaks was built in the twenties, on what's now a 150 year old campus. The old design is Spanish Revival. The source of the this art, is a an old San Francisco ordinance that requires new public buildings set aside 2 percent of their budget for public art. In the case of Laguna Honda, it was $3.9 million. This is a little look at some of that art.
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The old Laguna Honda features a 750 bed nursing facility, caring for seniors and disabled adults.
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The new Laguna Honda hospital rises next to the old building on Twin Peaks. When it opens in June, it will feature 500,000 square feet of new construction.
A series of mosaics by Bay Area Artist Owen Smith greet visitors in the lobby of the new Laguna Honda Hospital.
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Details of Owen Smith's mosaics which are influenced by the W.P.A. murals of the 1920s.
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Another view of Owen Smith's W.P.A.-style mosaics.
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Artist Lewis deSoto created a series of 16 tapestries using old photos from the hospital's history.
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One of Lewis deSoto's tapestries, featuring an image of Teddy Roosevelt's visit to the hospital.
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A sculpture by Takenobu Igarashi hangs outside the new hospital. "His conceit for this is like a flower with petals bursting in the wind,"says S.F. Arts Commission's Susan Pontious.
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A sculpture by Artist team Living Lenses, which is lead by artist Po Shu Wang.
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Another view of Takenobu Igarashi's sculpture.
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Wall collage by Terry Hoff.The pieces help define the residence area where some 780 people will live.
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A handrail by Cliff Garten. "To many these are handrails," says the Arts Commission's Susan Pontious. "To us they are a 800 linear foot sculpture."
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Hand-blown glass plates by artist Arlan Huang.
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A view of Arlan Huang's hand-blown glass plates in the residence area.
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A view of a hallway in the residence area. Architects envisioned the residences as little neighborhoods, as evidenced in these signs.
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Bernie Lubell and Ann Chamberlin's large-scale light boxes were inspired by nature.
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A light box in the residence area. Architects designed the building so that each area would have its own artistic identity.
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A view of the back of Laguna Honda reveals recreation areas, rehabilitation areas, and a community garden.
Art pops up around every corner in the new Laguna Honda Hospital.
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A tour group stands near a floor mosaic.
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An artful corner of the new Laguna Honda Hospital.
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"If you surround patients with color and certain themes like floral and nature, it actually has a demonstrated impact on their rate of recovery," says S.F. Arts Commission Director Luis Cancel.
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