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Large Tank Round Discovered in Union City, Prompts Evacuations

Union City's police department, city hall and library were evacuated Wednesday afternoon after a woman turned in what appeared to be a "very large missile," police said.

At around 1:30 p.m., the woman came to the front counter of the police department and told authorities she had found the ammunition on the railroad tracks off of Zwissig Way in Union City, according to police.

The woman and her husband recovered the item and transported it to the front lot of the police department.

"Based on the realistic appearance of the 'missile' and the potential danger to the public, it was decided to evacuate the Police Department, City Hall, the Union City Public Library and surrounding area," Lt. Matias Pardo said in a press release. "The Alameda County Sheriff Department’s EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) was notified and responded to the scene."

A bomb squad crew examined the ammunition and determined it was a live tank round. The bomb squad took control of the round and will X-ray it at a later time, police said.

Officers searched the area where the round was discovered and did not find any other related items. Police said it is unknown how the tank round got to the railroad tracks.

An investigation is ongoing and there is no indication foul play is involved, police said.

Police are reminding anyone who finds anything that is possibly explosive or suspicious to leave the item where they found it and contact authorities immediately.

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