Larry Ellison's Billions Help Clear His Bay View

What's $40 million and a tree lawyer when you're a billionaire? And one of the world's richest billionaires on top of that.

Larry Ellison will reportedly purchase the San Francisco home of late socialite Dodie Rosekrans, who also happens to be the neighbor of the Oracle CEO, for $40 million, according to Curbed SF.

The 22-room house at 2840 Broadway will give the billionaire a clear view of the bay ahead of his
coveted America's Cup in 2013.

The view is something Ellison currently does not have in his neighboring home. Curbed SF reports that the tech mogul has had a long-standing debate with his downhill neighbor over view-blocking trees.

Ellison has been trying to get his neighbors to trim 80-year-old acacia and redwood trees to clear his view to the bay. A view he said he had 20 years ago when he first purchased the home.

But up until recently the neighbors had reportedly not wanted to comply.  Ellison reportedly tried to purchase the property at least twice but the owners did not want to sell.

The situation has since been settled but not before Ellison's "tree lawyer" spoke with the Wall Street Journal about his client's position.

For an aerial view of the homes and a graphic explainer of the dispute, visit Curbed SF.

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