'Hailey, I Love You': Las Vegas Shooting Survivor Leaves Horrifying Message For Daughter As Bullets Rain Down

Fresno woman thought it would be her last words as bullets rained down from above

A Fresno woman who survived the Las Vegas massacre shared a horrifying recording she left for her daughter as bullets were raining down near her from the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Crystal Alaniz quickly took cover under a trailer Sunday night when the deadly mass shooting began, and she feared she was about to die.

She immediately called her daughter with these words: "Oh my god, we're getting shot right now. Hailey, I love you. Hailey I love you."

Alaniz thought it would be her last words to her 11-year old daughter. Shots started ricocheting off the ground within two feet of her, and she had to run again.

Alaniz was reunited with the her daughter Monday morning in Fresno.

"I was telling her that I love her, and I can't wait to see her again," Alaniz said. "I was hoping that I was gonna get out of there. I didn't believe that I could get out of there. I thought I was gonna die at that moment."

Alaniz said she met a couple under the bleachers that told her they needed to run.

"So we looked back and forth. We peeked out. We didn't see anyone. We saw everyone running," Alaniz explained. "As soon as I started running, I was next to people who were getting shot and dropping to the floor."

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