Last Minute Shoppers Searching for Deals

Economic downturn may not be hurting holiday shopping

It is the last minute shopping season and retailers have their fingers crossed that enough people are still willing to spend money.

People are shopping at the malls and people are shopping on their laptops. Both are happy to find good deals while watching their bottom lines a little more closely than in years past.

If you're still shopping to put gifts under the tree Santa doesn't mind last-minute trips to the mall.

Westfield Oakridge mall is still full of shoppers. But the elephant in the room is are people still spending money?

Yes if you ask Sean Hashimoto who had bags in hand.

"Just to make sure that my wife was happy," Hashimoto said.

Tech worker Amanda Klinger preferred to do her shopping virtually at Orchard Valley Coffee. She said she is also shopping carefully.

"We're hoping our jobs will be safe but you don't want to go buy a tv, computer, car, even though the prices are really good because down the road you may not have the money to pay for it," she said.

Shopping until the last minute is the American way.

And all the bargains out there seem to be keeping shoppers interested.

"Of course, there's always money in the back of my mind about how much things cost, but when it comes to the ones you love, you want to make sure they're happy," Hashimoto said.

Whether you shop with a bag or a cup of coffee in your hand Bay Area malls will be open until the last minute for those of you who still need to shop.

As for online shopping make sure you leave enough time for shipping, if you're still shopping. 

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