Brendan Weber

Later BART Start Time Could Come Sooner: Agency

A proposed 5 a.m. start time on BART may be coming sooner as opposed to later, according to the transportation agency.

BART may adjust its start time beginning late this year instead of sticking with a plan to roll out the change in 2018, according to the transportation agency. BART estimates the move would impact about 2,400 riders.

BART's Board of Directors indicated that the agency needs extra time to handle a system-wide rebuild to better serve commuters. An extra hour in the morning could more than double the time maintenance workers have to get on and off the tracks, according to BART.

Early morning commuters would need to take buses if the start time changes go into effect, according to BART. They could also drive.

A number of riders said their bosses would be flexible if they came in a bit later, but the late start could limit certain job opportunities.

"Maybe my boss could be flexible, but I'm sure it doesn't work like that for everybody," BART rider Elvis Gomez said.

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