Who's Hiring? Amid Layoffs, Here's Where the Jobs Are

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After waves of layoffs in the tech industry, people in the Bay Area are likely asking the same question: who's hiring?

"I would say the whole landscape changed, and it feels like it changed overnight," author and human resources expert Laurie Ruettimann said.

HR experts say even tech recruiters are now losing their jobs, so finding new jobs has gotten tougher than we've seen in years.

"What these hiring managers are telling me is that if they do have a recruiter, it's one instead of three, and they're now doing all the work, they're processing more of the resumes themselves. They're doing more of the screening and hiring," Ruettimann said. "It's slowing everything down."

Be patient, they say, and focus on smaller companies trying to grow.

"We are growing and we did just raise some capital actually only eight days ago," co-founder Arran Stewart said.

Stewart said if you're looking for work, follow the money, specifically the venture capital money.

Venture capitalists are investing now in companies that plan to hire for the future.

"They're raising cash for talent in order to build products, technology services," Stewart said. "That's their whole premise. They are hiring."

If you're looking for the hot startups, VCs say they're investing in robotics, clean energy, healthcare, artificial intelligence and storage.

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