Let Your Flame Do the Dancing

Fire is the most gloriously volatile of Earth's elements, and the man who regards it without extreme respect risks the speedy destruction of his house, or his foster folks' house, if he's Webster.

But now, man can be all "screw that, dance for me, fire!", thanks to LiveSpark.
Because why the hell not, SF-based Spark'll make your gas-powered fireplace, fire pit, or gas-plumbed garden torches interface with your stereo and spit flames that literally dance to any song, "creating real-time fire art that brings music to life", now aren't you glad you didn't use your P*rno for Pyros CD as a coaster?

Check it: Spark connects your gas line to a series of tiny valves, which're rapidly opened and closed by a computer that algorithmically analyzes whatever tuneage you're rockin, producing flames that leap and bounce with the music -- basically a graphic equalizer for Satan's AIWA.

To tame all the awesome, you've got an on/off switch for the flames, a remote kill-switch for your stereo, and a knob to adjust the flames' vigor -- turned all the way down, they'll be punchy little quarter-inch spurts, while all the way up, they'll blaze in brilliant 2.5-foot bursts that'll make your s'mores s'mless.

For the true pyro-audiophile, Spark also offers a step-up system where certain flames'll dance to not only particular frequencies, but particular instruments; the cost on that one's a bit above than the normal system, which runs roughly 40 percent more than the original fire fixture on its own -- coupled with the adoption of a tiny troublemaker, you'll risk the speedy destruction of your credit. Check out the video of the spark in action.

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