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Letter Promising to ‘Beat' and “Burn” Homeless People in San Francisco Strikes Fear

“He handed him the letter and sprayed him with mace,” said San Francisco homeless resident, Michael Rabb. “He told him homeless don’t belong here.”

An alarming and threatening letter hand-delivered to homeless people in San Francisco is causing a lot of concern, leading police officials to action.

A man reportedly hand-delivered a letter to people living in tents near the SOMA West Skate Park explicitly threatening to hurt any person who doesn’t leave the streets.

The letter states, “If you are still here after dark tonight, the hunters will become the hunted. We will pound you, burn you, beat you…if you are within a 100 yards of this park starting after sundown tonight, we are coming for you.”

The letter left many fearing for their safety including homeless San Francisco resident, Michael Rabb, who says the man not only delivered the letter at one tent but was also violent.

“He handed him the letter and sprayed him with mace,” said Rabb. “He told him homeless don’t belong here.”

Word of the threatening letter spread quickly in the city, including the Coalition of Homelessness.

“I understand people get frustrated, we’ve got 1100 people waiting on shelter lists,” said Coalition of Homelessness organizer, Kelley Cutler. “There’s no place to go.”

In order to keep people safe, San Francisco Police officials are keeping an eye out and the Director of Homelessness and Supportive Housing says he is sending his outreach teams to the area.

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