Levi's Stadium Bathroom Assault Suspects in Court

Two brothers accused of of pummeling two others over the use of a urinal faced a judge Friday.

The alleged brutal beating was caught on video inside a Levi's Stadium bathroom before a San Francisco 49ers game.

Cellphone video appears to show Dario Rebollero, 34, and Amador Rebollero, 27, of King City, attacking the two victims inside a Levi's Stadium bathroom. 

Prosecutors in court Friday played the viral video of the bathroom beating over and over, hoping to prove that both the Rebollero brothers had inflicted great bodily injury on not just Kiran Patel, who suffered bleeding in the brain, but also to his cousin, Amish Patel.

The District Attorney's Office argued the victim suffered bruising and swelling as a result of a concussion. But the judge decided Amish Patel's testimony was inconsistent.

As a result, Dario Rebollero now faces the possibility of five years instead of nine years in prison.

"I'm happy for my client because now I think charges are more reflective of what he should have been accused of in the first place," said Sajid Khan, who is representing Dario Rebollero.

Meanwhile, Amador Rebollero was not as successful in court Friday.

The judge refused to drop several charges against Amador Rebollero and denied his request for a reduced bail, which remains at $250,000.

"My client is still hoping to resolve the case and move on with his life and still very much hoping Kiran Patel continues his recovery and makes a full recovery," said Daniel Portman, an attorney representing Amador Rebollero.

An arraignment is scheduled for June 1.

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