Levi's Stadium Powers Up with High Technology

Levi's Stadium is built for football, but it also knows something about its fans: They come to the stadium with gadgets galore.

As befitting a Silicon Valley stadium (which could also pass for a tech company campus), Levi's is packed with technology. Starting with 400 miles of cable running through the stadium, 70 miles of that for WiFi alone, Levi's is built with mobile devices in mind.

For example, the stadium comes with its own mobile app, available for Android and iPhones. If you download it, you can check highlights during the game, get tickets and parking passes, and order food from your seat. After testing it out, I can confirm - it works well, but even with one WiFi node for every 100 seats in the stadium, 70,000 people is a lot. Download the app before you get to the game. [274023671, R, 350, 197]]

Down below the field, a server-packed nerve center, looking like a very small Facebook. This is for security and connectivity, running cables straight into the stadium's broadcast center, which powers, among other things, the giant monitors above the crowd. This will dwarf even the biggest TV you have at home, and the Niners know: "Why not deliver content to the people sitting in the stands that's even better than what they get at home?" says 49er COO Al Guido. "Why shouldn't you compete with the at home broadcast?"

It's a philosophy the stadium seems to take to heart. They know you probably have a lot of technology at home. If they can get you into the stadium, they'll make sure you can use plenty of that tech on gameday as well.

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