Levi's Stadium Set to Hire for Job Vacancies

Levi's Stadium is ready to give the South Bay another wave of job opportunities.

After giving the Silicon Valley a mini-construction boom, stadium officials are now looking to fill jobs inside the new home of the San Francisco 49ers. Job seekers can find opportunities that include working at Levi's Stadium restaurants and serving as an usher.

"I mean, who wouldn't want to work inside the stadium during a game or special event?" said Steve Van Dorn, Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce CEO.

Dorn said job creation to the area was part of the reason the city strongly supported the construction of Levi's Stadium.

"We know the unemployment rate is low in Silicon Valley, but people are looking for work," Dorn said. "This is another opportunity to find a job, and it's a great job."

Among the restaurants looking for help is celebrity chef Michael Minna's newest creation, which he said will be open every day of the year and not just on game days.

Jerry Wilburn attended the Wednesday job fair and said he would like to be part of the excitement to the growing South Bay.

"It's a great second job, plus it means a lot for Santa Clara and the whole South Bay to have a team here dedicated to football," Wilburn said.

Stadium officials ask job seekers to fill out a form on the Levi's Stadium website.

The $1.3 million stadium is just months away from completion.

Meanwhile, area businesses are ecstatic over the new stadium bringing in new customers.

The San Jose Sharks proved that with a boost to downtown San Jose. An NFL team like the 49ers would be a bottom-line enhancer.

In fact, it already has been for Butter and Zeus Waffle Sandwiches in Santa Clara.

"Vernon Davis called in an order and ordered 20 chicken and waffles on a Friday night," said Nga Huynh, restaurant manager. "We had customers here and they were so excited."

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