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Levi's Stadium Taking Extra Security Measures Ahead of Raiders-49ers Game

The Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers are gearing up to face off Thursday for what might be the last football version of the "Battle of the Bay." Meanwhile, security is being beefed up at Levi's Stadium to ensure fans keep calm.

"If you’re there to cause trouble, you’ll never know where there’s a police officer nearby that’s watching your actions and is ready to take action," said Wahid Kazem from the Santa Clara Police Department.

Police acknowledge a history of fighting between fans during the Bay Area rivalry and video from recent games show why.

Now, police say there will be extra officers on hand, including undercover ones in jerseys.

"It’s usually a handful of 'bad apples' that cause problems for everybody, but we’re looking for you and we’re going to be prepared for you if you’re going to be one of those folks," said Jim Mercurio from Levi’s. "But we’d really prefer you come in, have a good time and make good choices."

New technology will also play a role. Metal detectors have improved and there are cameras everywhere inside and outside the stadium.

"There is always someone that has too many beers or is intoxicated no matter where you are," Tito Hernandez, owner of World Sports, said. "You have to be careful. I will be careful even myself, and my friends, we’ll be careful."

Hernandez said the potential for violence between fans is played up too much, but he agrees that they should be watched.

Lisa Santillan, co-president of the local 49er Booster Club, said their message is if there’s trouble, don’t fight, call security.

"Sometimes they just need to be told 'the error of their ways' by somebody who’s a little more of an authority than we are," Santillan said.

Police said they won’t be allowing fans to wear masks, including those featured in the popular Raiders' "Black Hole" rooting section.

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